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PJN Books is one of the most trusted producers of diverse, social-emotional children's books.  We evaluate the impact of our books by a child's initial reaction, "That's ME!"



​PJN Books inspire children to become reader enthusiasts, authors, illustrators, and compassionate human beings.  

​PJN Books seek to offer our books to all children through collaborations with schools, foundations, non-profits, for-profits, individuals, and any businesses with an interest in promoting literacy.


"Hi Paula!  I purchased your book for my daughter, Ellie.  Every night this week before bed she's asked to read her "new book" and has been telling everyone that "she's going to have a good day."  It's made my heart happy seeing how much she enjoys your books and is connecting it to her real life. I thought it might make you happy to know this as well.  Your book has already been teaching my daughter to make better decision and I think that's awesome!

Hailey C., Parent & Teacher

"I'm Gonna Have A Good Day is often the bedtime book choice for my two little ones.  They root for main character Gabby to have a better day, as she struggles with the need to have what she wants when she wants it, at the expense of sharing with classmates.  Kids and adults will find the character and the story relatable, as all children must learn to be good to themselves and their peers."  


Carlotta Penn,

Children's book author of The Turtle with an Afro, Star is Born, and Dream a Rainbow

"Well the verdict is in and kindergarten LOVES this book!  This is Author Paula Johnson Neal 1st baby and it's one you'll want to hop over to her website and grab.  I'm blessed to have mine signed.  "Is there a part 2?"  "This is a cliffhanger!"  "I think Gabby will be good because....."Yup, the literacy coach in  me designed pre, during and post reading questions to facilitate comprehension because that's what I do.  I just need to create a writing piece.


Katina J., M.Ed K-2 Intervention Assessment Teacher Riverside Elementary School (TPS)


“My children and I really LOVED the first book, I'm Gonna Have A Good Day!   I reached out to Paula about a possible sequel because my children wanted to know if Gabby had a good  day at school.   After Paula shared the title, Breathe, Gabby, Breathe,  I can recall loving where she was going with the story.  My 5 year old loves to breathe with Gabby!  My 7 year old said, "It made me happy when her friends helped her to breathe!"


Talisa H.,

Parent & Intervention Specialist

"Paula thank you for testing this book out with our students during the writing process.  You completely  nailed it!  I'm absolutely speechless and can't wait to share Breathe, Gabby, Breathe with our students.  I know it will make an impact on them.  THANK YOU for helping to make my work easier!

Andrea B.,

APS Reading Specialist




"Our Behavior Interventionist has been using I'm Gonna Have A Good Day in her social-emotional development groups and has found it very relatable.  I'm just so happy she tried it out and got good results.  I will order your new book to pair with the first.  Thanks for being so awesome!

Ginger Young, Executive Director of The Childhood League Center



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